bagged products

All products available in bulk are also available in bags. We have fertilizers, grass seed, vermiculite and perlite and lots more in our shop.

bulk products

We sell all our bulk products by the scoop on our front end loader. One scoop = 1/3 of a cubic meter. One scoop covers approx 5 squared meters at 3 centimeters deep. Don’t have a trailer? We have courtesy trailers which you can borrow for up to two hours when you buy our products. We can put two scoops on our short sided trailers of gravels or four scoops of bark in our tall sided trailers.

delivery service

If you don’t have a trailer or a tow bar we can still help you out. We deliver locally or as far out as far as Blenheim or Golden Bay, at a good price. Our truck holds six cubic meters of bark, five metres of soil, compost or crushed shell and four meters of gravel.

  • 13mm Westcoast

    BY | 3 July 2019

    Back in stock. A nice small blue, grey and white pebble stone ideal for pathways and other garden decoration.

  • Omarau Stone Blocks

    BY | 3 July 2019

    Now in stock at $1 per kg , choose a block and carve your own stone creations.

  • Lawn Soil

    BY | 3 July 2019

    Now in stock for spring & autumn. Fine compost and sand mix with no soil content which makes it weed free. Ideal for new and existing lawns.